History Of Quality Internationaly

Edwards Deming Frederick Winslow Joseph Juran Peter Drucker Philip B. Crosby Taguchi




1920s "Shewart" :

Finding and fixing problems in the whole work process instead of finding and fixing problems In the products at the end-point inspection .He develop SPC to measure variance in work process.

1940s "Deming" :

Was hired to teach SPC & QC to U.S.

1950s "After WWII" :

US Companyies stoped usingSPC & QC procedures. Demaing was invited to lecture in Japan who quickly adapt and modify Demaing`s techniques.

1960s "Juran" :

Customer satisfaction and fitness for use (freedom for deficiencies and product feature). Ishikawa enlarged the Idea of Juran to include internal customers. He developed the concept of quality circles.

1970s "Crosby" :

Added concept of costs of poor quality. He also developed zero defect program in industry.

1980s :

U S companies invited Deming to implement his theory in QM . "If Japan Can , Why Can`t We".

"Berwick and Batalden" applicability of TQM in healthcare.

"James" applications of TQM process in patient`s care and clinical outcomes.

1990s :

QI become common place in health care facilities.interest was shifted from performance of individuals to performance of health organization`s system and process. moved from departmental to functional.